As a photographer I work across different genres. For me, each picture has a separate identity, sufficient to itself. I don't do projects. However over a number of years I collect pictures which, for display purposes, I organise around certain themes. I re-visit these themes over many years, so each collection is ongoing.
I predominantly use film and develop my prints in my own darkroom. I work with 35mm, 6 x 6 and large format. I print using traditional silver-gelatin and a range of alt-pro techniques. I find that this gives me the wide range of expression that I need to convey how I see compositions in the world.
 From time to time I use digital techniques when a film camera is not ready-to-hand, or where the circumstances are better served by digital technology. My preference, though, is for silver-gelatin work taken through to a darkroom-made final print. A picture that remains unprinted is unfinished business.
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House, Liverpool, Silver-gelatin print

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